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MU dimsum Milano - Shāo Mài Classico
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So, I somewhat recently had the pleasure of being temporarily transported to dim sum heaven, and I can’t wait to go back. If you know me, you’ll know I have a thing for dumplings and I’m honestly obsessed with MU dimsum in Milan. It’s simply sensational.

To start, this restaurant birthed from husband-and-wife team Suili Zhou and Liwei Zhou isn’t a typical Chinese restaurant. The menu focuses on the Cantonese and Hong Kong flavors and traditions prepared by chefs Kin Cheung Zhang Qinglong. the result?  One of the most memorable and flavorful meals that I had the pleasure of enjoying in Milan.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 reasons why I love MU dimsum:

1. They take their Yam Cha seriously 

Ten authentic Chinese teas on offer: black, green, white and more, raining from strong smoky mountain teas to aromatic rosebud, there’s something for everyone. The tea ritual is taken quite seriously, and it’s prepared tableside so you can see the intricate process firsthand. Then server places an hourglass on the table so guests can make sure the tea has been appropriately steeped before sipping. Take your pick from Long Jing, Jin Jun Mei and Rou Gui Oolong and more.

2. The Char Siu Bao rocked my world

Now, I’m a big fan of bao. I can’t resist every time I pass the street food outpost of La Ravioleria di Sarpi in Chinatown, and I love treating myself to it when I see it on menus at places like Casa Ramen Super and newbie Filz. Yet the one the char siu bao at MU dimsum was completely unlike any I had ever tasted, arriving at the table in a what looked like a large gold conical birdcage of sorts. The steamed black bun was filled with luscious caramelized pork and finished with golden touches. Yum.

3. The Soup Dumplings made my heart sing

Sadly I haven’t been to China yet (yet being the operative word!), but I love the bejesus out of soup dumplings. These delightful Shanghai specialties are few and far between in Milan, and when I found them for the first time, I thought I struck gold. However, MU dimsum’s Xiao Long Bao are far superior. Honestly, they’re the best I’ve ever tasted in this city and stand up to some of the best I’ve ever enjoyed in New York!

MU dimsum Milano soup dumplings


4. Heck, all the dim sum delights!

I enjoyed some of the most sensational dumplings here like Har Gau, the classic steamed shrimp dumplings; a classic Shāo Mài, spinach and sea bass wrapped in Nigori and spicy duck ragout. In addition to the bao, there are also some amazing small bites like the Cheung Fun Youtiao, rice paper rolls stuffed with crispy Chinese style pane fritto or the Osmanto Egg, steamed and smoked with osmanthus flower and served with foie gras. Fun fact: The colors of the egg happen to be a nod to the flower typical of China. And there’s plenty more where these came from!

5.  Peking duck perfection

I love how MU dimsum sources their duck directly from Beijing! The Peking Duck was a gratifying treat to savor, and I appreciated the thin pancakes. Not only were they less filling thus leaving more room in my belly for the duck, but the thin texture only enhanced the flavor of the duck and its accompaniments.

6. They’ve got adventurous diners covered

So not only are all of MU dimsum’s dishes super flavorful, but there are some that would appeal to the adventurous diners out there such as the Fèng Zhuǎ, stewed chicken feet in a spicy black bean sauce; pig’s feet also with a spicy black bean sauce, a preparation typical of Szechuan; and steamed tripe with onion and ginger.  The texture of the chicken feet was a little too gelatinous for me, but all the bright flavors won out.

7. They’ve got rice bowls down to a T

I love me a good rice bowl…I appreciate how they seem to have everything you need from a nutritional standpoint (protein, veggies and good carbs), and just how they’re so easy to eat. If you get one to go, you open it up, eat it then toss it. No cleaning required! MU dimsum brings just the right amount of elegance to their bowls without letting the simplicity of the bowl’s integrity to get lost. I had pork cheek that had been marinated with fermented vegetables with some bok choy and steamed white rice, and it tasted exquisite. The menu includes both roasted duck and vegetarian rice bowl options.

8.  The booze selection

Maître d’ Egidio Giovannini has thoughtfully crafted a wine list that spotlights small producers that goes beyond Italy. We sampled an anfora-aged white wine from Georgia that had nice bright apricot and honey flavors. In addition, the tempting signature cocktails include  Acclaimed barman Franco “Tucci” Ponti created a selection of signature cocktails that pair particularly well with the food. Of note are the Old Shanghai with caramelized Szechuan and the rose-bud infused Roselline Club.

9. Charming ambiance

Good vibes all around! Floor-to ceiling-windows comprise two of the restaurant’s four walls which let the light pour in, even on the rainiest of days. In addition to the spacious and inviting main dining room, guests can sit in the cozy loft which has a more intimate feel. In fact, the latter would actually be the perfect place for an afternoon dim sum tea. Hmmm….

10) Orario continuato

Open from noon to 11pm seven days a week, MU dimsum serves all of its deliciousness during the afternoon hours. So, yes it’s open when many restaurants of its caliber are closed.  I so appreciate this touch because as a traveler, I know it can be hard to find a bite if you arrive around or just after lunchtime. Or maybe you just want a late lunch or early dinner. Anyhoo, you know what this means? I can go in for an afternoon dim sum-centric tea. Though, knowing me, since everything on the menu beckons, I’ll most likely wind up making a meal out of it….

MU dimsum
Via Aminto Caretto, 3
+39 338 358 2658
Hours: scroll up to number 10



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