Milano Food Week 2018: The Shopping Cart

So, Milano Food Week returns 7 – 13 May for the ninth edition with a plethora of appetizing activities on the roster.

This year’s theme is the carello della spesa or shopping cart, and I had the chance to attend a screening of a clever video made in honor of the occasion.

Set in a supermarket, the video portrays a relay race that Milano Food Week founder Federico Gordini and several chefs and food world notables fill up with goods to share with the less fortunate.

For Milano Food Week, the shopping cart serves as a common thread between seven thematic kitchens set up around the city, such as City Kitchen and Public Kitchen in the Duomo/Castello Sforzesco area as well as the Student Kitchen at Iulm University and the Lifestyle Kitchen at the Bryan & Barry Building, among others.

These kitchens will host a series of “storycooking” demonstrations by famous chefs including Enrico Bartolini, Andrea Berton, Wicky Priyan, Ernst Knam, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Roberto Conti, Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, Luigi Taglienti, Viviana Varese, Andrea Aprea, and Daniel Canzian to name a few. The chefs will cook alongside digital influencers and media personalities from the worlds of entertainment, music and sports. Among them are Federica Fontana, Fiammetta Cicogna, Mara Maionchi, Omar Pedrini, Andrea Zorzi, Marisa Passera, and more, all the sessions will be tied to different themes.

The charity component benefits the non-profit ONLUS. Among the initiatives, local Pam supermarkets will hold food collections during the weekends of 5-6 and 12-13 May, letting the Milanesi fill the carts for to help the less fortunate.

The charity campaign aims to supply the shelves of the Empori della Solidarietà chain of Caritas Ambrosiana, an ecclesial body present in the territory of the Diocese of Milan as well as support a group of non-profit organizations (SoliDando of iBVA, Opera Cardinal Ferrari and Equoevento Lombardia) operating in and around Milan to help feed the less fortunate.

More info on Milano Food Week here. Make sure you check it out!!

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