How to support Milan restaurants during phase two of the COVID-19 shutdown

Milan restaurants lockdown support
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May 4 Update: Think of this as a bit like my own little Coronavirus diary. Phase 2 of the lockdown begins today. Italy will start easing up the restrictions, but restaurants most likely won’t open again until June and when they do, social distancing measures will be in place. As of today, though, people can frequent restaurants for take-out only, and the number of establishments offering home delivery has increased, so I’ve updated the list below.

Originally published April 22: We all know we can’t frequent our favorite establishments in person, but thankfully, we can savor a taste of our favorite Milan locales to our home. Below is a (by no means exhaustive) list of Milan restaurants, wine bars, bakeries, and more offering delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I know this might be an iffy topic as some might argue that staying home applies to delivery people and restaurant staff preparing the food for the deliveries. But I think that if the places are open and the team is showing up, their work shouldn’t be for naught and I’d like to support these establishments as well as put some money into the devasted economy. Plus, every once in a while, we could all use a little alternative to cooking.

Accordingly, as this article on explains, the COVID-19 pandemic is going to have an unprecedented impact on the global economy. That being said, it is important to remember that financial support is available for businesses that are struggling as a result of coronavirus related restrictions. For example, there are plenty of online lending options as well as government grants and loans out there. Moreover, although COVID-19 is likely to be with us for some time yet, we have to be cautiously optimistic that things will get better.

People will also have to remember that any restaurant that will be providing food, will have to ensure all employees are wearing full protective equipment like you’re able to find using a website like or others. All employees using full PPE will greatly decrease the spread of the virus, making it a lot safer to provide food for those that wish to order from a food establishment.

I think everyone should do what makes them comfortable. If you’re not comfortable having restaurants deliver food to you, then don’t order it. If you are, then this article is for you. Updates will be ongoing.

142 Restaurant

Sandra Ciciriello’s restaurant is offering gorgeously packages kits for meals you can create at home. Call the restaurant (+39 3498561278)for more info and see here what they’re all about.


This vegetarian neo-trattoria is crafting a selection of plates that they’re delivering to your home. It should be ordered in advance and the delivery arrives by Friday. Order on their website.

Artico Gelato

My favorite gelato shop is now doing the home delivery rounds! All it requires is sending a WhatsApp for the details. More info on Instagram.

Bites Milano

This welcome new addition to the local restaurant scene seats just 16 people per night for a playful tasting menu decided by the whim of the kitchen. They’re offering food via delivery. Check out their website for the menu, wine list, and aperitivo cocktails, and order via Whatsapp: +39 3518668452

Champagne Socialist

This natural wine bar is delivering to people’s homes. Choose by the bottle or go for one of the preselected boxes on the website.

Citttamani and Spica

Yes, these are two different restaurants, nothing belonging to the fierce Ritu Dalmia. Both restaurants are offering the same delivery menu, which you can find here. To order: the Cittamani or Spica websites; call Cittamani (02/38240934) or Spica, or email


Order bread, dolci, and other treats from this bakery and gourmet shop (including flour) via this order form on the website. (20€ minimum, delivery costs 2.50€ and is free for orders over 60€.) Available Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 4pm, and you must place your order by 4pm the day before.

Cru Milano

This natural wine bar in Isola is delivering wine and taglieri. For the wine list and to order call +39 342 304 0081 or email Website


Chef Daniel Canzian has launched “Daniel Canzian A Casa Tua” so locals can enjoy his contemporary Milanese cuisine at home from Monday to Saturday. Check out the website for the menus, which are for two people and start at 50€.

DistrEat Milano

This newish restaurant has prepared meal kits for 25€ each and aperitivo kits brimming with five small bites and a cocktail for 10€ each. Check out their Facebook page for the pertinent info.

EN Enoteca Naturale

This natural wine bar is not only delivering bottles to people’s homes, but they’ve created weekly themed Food Roulette menus for a predetermined day that they’ll deliver to your home. Also, delivery is free of charge for orders over 50€. Order on the website.


This delightful neo-trattoria is creating weekend food boxes for 35€ per person. Read about their latest on Instagram and give them a call (+39 391 718 2416) to reserve yours. Website


This enoteca/bistro near Porta Romana is offering delivery from Tuesday to Saturday. Download their menu on the website and place your order by 6pm. There’s a 35 euro minimum and no charge for delivery. Both meals and aperitivo kits are on offer.

MU Dim Sum

Delivery via their website and you can find the relevant deets in this Instagram post. Their dumplings, well pretty much their everything, are crave-able and it’s one of my favorites. Go to the booking section and “make a reservation” for your delivery time then check your email for a pre-order form. (20€ minimum, delivery costs 4€ and is free for orders over 60€)

MU Fish

This exquisite fish-focused, sushi-centric restaurant in Nova Milanese from the aforementioned MU team just recently started deliveries. Visit the delivery page to peruse the menu, then give them a call (+39 334 804 1109) to place your order.

Panificio Davide Longoni

The legendary panificatore is offering a selection of provisions on CosaPorta. From a smart working kit to a sourdough kit to pizzas, the options are plentiful. Order here.

Pasticceria e Dessert

Whether you’re in the mood for carbonara-filled chocolates or classic cannoncini, Marcello Rapisardi’s pastry shop is delivering. Email INFO@PASTICCERIARAPISARDI.COM or call +39 02-84215008. Website


One of Milan’s most beloved (breakfast) joints, Pavé is now offering home delivery! When they first made the announcement on Instagram, the website crashed. It’s up and running now, so go ahead and place your order-the further in advance, the better. May 2020 update: Pavé has changed their delivery parameters and my CAP is no longer covered, so I can’t order pastries anymore. If you’re in one of the CAPs that made the cut, I encourage you to enjoy their delights in the meantime. They’ve even created some delightful looking new treats including a mouthwatering pistachio brioche that’s all over Instagram.


One of the my most memorable meals last year was at Serica, chef Chang Liu’s clever fusion of Italian cuisine with that of his native China. Kits for dishes such as crab spaghetti and saffron bao with ossobuco cost 45€ and there’s also a selection of a la carte pre-prepared dishes. This Instagram post has all the pertinent deets.

Trattoria Maseulli San Marco

I always recommend this trattoria for anyone looking for old-school Milanese and Piemontese fare. A bunch of their classics are available on take-out, plus their offering a kit for making agnolotti del plin with sugo di arrosto. If you’re feeling an aperitivo person, they’ve also got picnic kits with wine or cocktails and some snacks. Check out their Facebook and/or Instagram for more info.

Vasiliki Kousina

This beloved (and delicious) Greek restaurant will deliver small plates suitable for an aperitivo or dinner. Email, Whatsapp 3383615018, or call 02 94381405. More details on this Instagram post. Order on the website


Viviana Varese is offering three types of cooking kits: VIVA la carne (45€) VIVA il pesce (58€) and VIVA la lentezza (65€). Visit here to learn more and click Aquisita at the bottom of the page to order.

Wicky’s Innovative Japanese Cuisine

The beloved chef is delivering his Japanese inspired fare at both lunch and dinner. Orders should be placed on the site and Pay Pal is one of the payment options. Menu and details here.Menu and details here. The cost of delivery is 15€ for all orders under 120€ while there’s no charge for orders over that amount.

Third-party apps

Also, dozens of other places such as Berbere, Chihuahua Tacos, Bon Wei, Il Gusto della Nebbia, Panino Giusto, Macha Cafe, and Osaka are on delivery apps like Glovo, MyMenu, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. (Though before placing your order, I’d first check to see if the restaurant is also handling delivery directly.)

Cover photo: Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

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