5 creative panettoni for Christmas in Milan

"Omaggio a Milano", or an "Homage to Milan", panettone at Daniel Ristorante

Panettone is the ultimate Milanese/Northern Italian Christmas delight. The classic cake-like bread is characterized by a buttery, candied-fruit-studded dough.  Sauce Milan has you covered for where to buy classic panettone in Milan, but there are also some creative, atypical versions out there. Here are five panettoni with a creative twist that you can find in Milan this holiday season.

Rice and saffron make for a very Milanese panettone from Daniel Ristorante. Photo: Daniel Ristorante

1) Omaggio a Milano panettone, Daniel Ristorante: At his excellent Brera restaurant, chef Daniel Canzian serves up Milanese classics with a contemporary twist and refined touch, and his panettone makes my heart sing. As I’ve mentioned, I love seeing anything Milan celebrated in some shape or form, and Canzian’s “Homage to Milan” panettone incorporates saffron and rice, two fundamentals of risotto alla Milanese. You can reserve yours on the restaurant’s website.  This is a collaboration with Zaffy, an Abruzzo-based saffron producing agency. Pricing starts a 5 € for every 100 grams or 28 € per kilo. Note: Daniel Ristorante is included in Sauce Milan’s list of where to eat in Milan’s Brera. (Via san Marco at the corner of Castelfidardo; + 39 02 6379 3837; website)

Peck’s orange, pineapple and ginger panettone Photo: Peck

2) Orange, pineapple and ginger panettone at Peck: In addition to its classic panettone and other amazing sweet and savory Christmas offerings, Peck offers orange, pineapple and ginger panettone as well as a pear and chocolate flavored one. In his creation of the former, Peck’s pastry chef Galileo Reposo was inspired by his past Christmas family memories: the perfume of orange, the palate cleansing pineapples  at the end of a copious meal, and the light touch of ginger, which reminds him the wonder and joy of parties.  €32,00 each. (Via Spadari 9;  + 3902 802 3161; website)

Pave’s chocolate panettone photo: Pave


3) Chocolate Panettone, Pavé: Not only is their classic panettone (and anything they do for that matter, especially breakfast) out of this world, but Pavé’s chocolate panettone is off the hook, made with chocolate chips and topped with a 70% chocolate fudge frosting. You have until 21 December to place your order.€30 (Via Felice Casati, 27; + 39 02 9439 2259; website)

La Veneziana is the panettone on the right at Terrazza Gallia Photo: Terrazza Gallia

4) Gioconda at Terrazza Gallia: Not only is Terrazza Gallia serving up a slice of a special Veneziana panettone created exclusively by the Cerea brothers for the Christmas Dolce Aperitivo, they’re also selling panettone from these esteemed chef brothers as well. In addition to a classic, you’ll find Gioconda, a special variation of the Veneziana with a Gianduia cream inside that they created in honor of their mother. €40 (Terrazza Gallia at Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel; Piazza Duca d’Aosta; +390267853514; website)

Panettone decor at Pasticceria San Gregorio Photo: Facebook

5) Lemon and Walnut and Glazed Chestnut Panettone at Pasticceria San Gregorio: This old-school bakery does indeed serve up the classic panettone but they sell two interesting flavors in addition: marrons glaces (glazed chestnuts, 38 euro) and limone e noci (lemon and walnuts) 28.50 . You can buy them in their online shop or drop in to take care of business in person. As a rule of thumb, panettone usually hangs upside down after baking, and if you go inside Pasticceria San Gregorio and look up, you’ll see panettone streamers of sorts hovering above you. They also offer a chocolate and pear, three chocolate, gluten-free and vegan versions. (Via S. Gregorio, 1; +39 02 29524182; website)


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