Irresistible Stoneybatter

Stonybatter Dublin Ireland Travel Tips
Tommy O’Gara, a typical Irish pub, and L. Mulligan Grocer, an excellent gastropub, on Stoneybatter’s main drag.

Yes, I’m on a bit of a visit Ireland kick and I’m currently obsessed with one Dublin neighborhood in particular: Stoneybatter. Not the most appetizing of names, I know, but I assure you Stoneybatter is a feast for the eyes, ears and heart, and I have posted a Stellar story to prove it (the link follows). Stoneybatter is simply a must if you visit Dublin.

Comprised of mostly quaint two-story buildings complete with colorful doors and eye-catching facades, Stoneybatter charms.  My cousin Michelle lives in one of the quarter’s typical two-story homes, hers complete with a red door in particular. If you know me, you know I have a thing for red doors and can therefore quite possibly imagine how green with envy I am.

Stoneybatter’s rich history dates back to the second century, when this “road of the stones” was a path on the royal road between Tara and Wicklow and during the Middle Ages, Stoneybatter referred to Oxmantown, the old Viking settlement that was once a completely separate village from Dublin.  Fun fact: Oxmantown is derived from Ostmentown, and named after the Eastern Scandinavians who set up shop there, the Ostmen or Eastmen.

The nearby Smithfield Square dates back to the 17th century and is home to Dublin’s oldest market.  A recent painstaking rejuvenation involved individually removing all 400,000 cobblestones to clean them and re-lay them. The Old Jameson Distillery is nearby, too! Although nowadays the whiskey is distilled in Cork, the old distillery is open for tours, for which you’d fare well to book in advance.

What I adore about today’s Stoneybatter is that it’s still brimming with character and life. It hasn’t gone commercial and I truly hope it stays that way and that travel/trend authorities don’t coin it “the next Brooklyn.” I’ve got nothing against Brooklyn, but I’m so over that benchmark because it’s all over from there.  I also loved how no matter what shop, restaurant or pub I visited, I never forgot that I was in Ireland and I want Stoneybatter to stay that way! I snapped some pics while strolling this adorable neck of the Dublin woods and have complied them into a Stellar story, link below. As always, thank you for reading!

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