Galateo and Ceresio7: A dandy olive oil coupling

I love it when comestibles, people and/or places I love join creative forces. So, I, of course,  love the idea behind  this limited edition olive oil–an excellent Christmas present!–that’s a collaboration between Galateo&Friends, a Ligurian olive oil producer, and Ceresio7, a lovely locale for eating, imbibing and merrymaking that I happen to believe beautifully encompasses the spirit of Milan.

Founded in 2002 by Marco Bonaldo, the Liguria-based olive oil producer Galateo&Friends is known for its distinct packaging, characterized by short bulky cylindrical containers that display eye-catching playful designs. Bonaldo teamed up with his pal Elio Seroni, chef of Ceresio7, to create two olive oils that capture the essence of Seroni’s cuisine to serve as a complement to the restaurant. The end result is Ceresio7 Virgin, an extra virgin olive oil made from 100% Taggiasca olives. It has a light golden yellow hue and a delicate aroma that couples the scent of citrus fruit with that of fresh pine nuts and almonds, which add a slightly bitter note. The second oil, Ceresio7 Hot, should be taken quite literally as it is indeed delightfully hot! Rich in flavor and aroma, the oil is obtained by natural maceration of chili peppers in extra virgin olive oil. You won’t be able to stop yourself from dunking bread in this addictively spicy concoction! I’ve actually been enjoying it with Lievità’s pizza Bianca (thank you Deliveroo for bringing Lievità to my home!).

The oils are complete with colorful pop-art influenced contemporary packaging designed by Dean and Dan Caten. A set one of each oil and is available at the restaurant and online for 60 €….a dandy Christmas gift for the gourmands in your life.

I recently had lunch at Ceresio7 and enjoyed some dishes into Seroni incorporated the oils. Food porn below following the cocktail!  From left to right: risotto with broccoli and olive, beef with anchovy sauce and yellow squash, and passion fruit fondant with a crumble made from the hot oil.

Galateo Ceresio7 olive oil cocktail
Giuglielmo Miriello’s take on a Milano-Torino to start

Galateo Ceresio7 olive oil risotto Galateo Ceresio7 olive oil beef Galateo Ceresio7 olive oil dessert

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