Cena a 6 Mani at Terrazza Gallia

Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Milano Spaghetto 'Miseria e Nobiltà'_LR
Spaghetto 'Miseria e Nobiltà'
Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Milano Vincenzo e Antonio Lebano - Tiramisù_LR
Chefs and brothers Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano

From convivial winter bolliti to playful Christmas cocktails, Terrazza Gallia always has something gastronomically clever up its tastefully elegant sleeve. Most recently, I got to attent Cena a 6 Mani, a dinner prepared by “six hands” belonging to three very talented chefs. For this special evening, the restaurant’s resident chefs and brothers Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano cooked alongside chef Cristoforo Trapani of the one-star Michelin-rated La Magnolia restaurant in Forte dei Marmi, a gorgeous seaside town in Tuscany (with some of Italy’s dreamiest beaches!).Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia cristoforo trapani

These three chefs have a history: They met in 2011 while working for chef Antonino Cannavacciolo at Villa Crespi, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Piedmont. Not only that, but they’re all from Campania! So, needless to say, the Southern Italian influences stood front and center at the dinner. First of all, the evening kicked off with an aperitivo during which we sampled some tasty small bites–including an ever-s0-gratifying mini pizza fritta–and sipped some Ferrari, then we sat down for a five-course dinner.

Overall, Cena a 6 Mani was outstanding! Seafood was obviously the star of the evening, with interesting fish varieties like palamita from Sardinia and marone making appearances. Additionally,  top quality ingredients like lemons from Sorrento and San Marzano tomatoes also made cameos on our plates. Now, don’t get me wrong….everything was delicious! However, since pasta makes me weak in the knees, I’d like to point out that I, of course, couldn’t get enough of the Spaghetti Miseria e Nobiltà.  Translating to the “the nobility and the poor”, the spaghetti is named after an Italian film from the 1950s set in Naples, which also happens to be based on a nineteenth-century play.

The meal was coupled with some more Ferrari  followed by wines from Santa Barbara in Le Marche. Here’s a glimpse at the food porn! (Sorry the pictures are kinda odd at the moment, I’m working on improving them, but you get the idea!) And following the photos, you’ll find the full menu with wine pairings.


Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Palmita
Yuzu-marinated Palmita (bonito) with Chioggia turnip and yogurt
Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Octopus
Roasted octopus with San Marzano ketchup, turmeric, and Sorrento lemon aioli
Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Milano Spaghetto 'Miseria e Nobiltà' 2
My shot of the Spaghetto ‘Miseria e Nobiltà’
Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Tiramisu
Marone alla mugnaia with sea asparagus and red tuna bottarga
Cena a 6 Mani Terrazza Gallia Tiramisu
The chefs’ riff on a classic Italian dessert: Tiramisu
 Menu for Cena a 6 Mani
Aperitivo and small bites
Yuzu marinated palamita (bonito) with Chioggia turnip ravioli and yogurt, a dish created by all three chefs; paired with Ferrari Perlè
Roated octopus with San Marzano ketchup, turmeric and Sorrento lemon, a signature dish of chef Trapani; also paired with
Ferrari Perlè
Spaghetto “Miseria e Nobiltà” with peperoncino and smoked Carallo prawn sauce, a signature dishes of chefs Lebani; paired with Sensuade Rosè, Santa Barbara, Marche
Morone alla mugnaia with sea asparagus and red tuna bottarga, another signature dishes of chef Trapani; paired with  Verdicchio dei Castelli di Iesi, Tardivo ma non Tardo, Santa Barbara. Marche
Rigatone with San Marzano tomato and buffalo mozzarella…a savory cannoli of sorts that was a pre-dessert from chef Trapani
Our Tiramisù, a twist on an Italian classic from the Lebani brothers
Mossatell, Moscato, Santa Barbara, Marche

Terrazza Gallia
Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel
Piazza Duca d’Aosta, 9

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