Easter, Roman Style

Salumi, Fava Beans & Pecorino

Have to say that I’ve never been much of an Easter person and in recent years, I started to find this holiday less and less exciting. Easter just never really did it for me….until yesterday, my first Roman Easter.

The festivities began at 12:30 with some bubbly, salume, fava beans and pecorino, then we took our seats at around 2pm and remained at the table until midnight. The exquisite food coupled with the  impeccable company, conversation, Carlo–our dear little lamb–and the copious wine consumption (22 bottles total between 10 of us!), rendered Easter 2013 one of the most memorable occasions of my life. HUGE thanks to Hande, Theo, Katie and everyone else with whom I clinked glasses!!

I can only hope that this was the first of many holiday celebrations for me on this side of the pond…if not always in Rome, then perpetually in Italy.

Here are some pics…..

Our cardinal hat napkins under which was a hidden…
…a cocoa bean roasted at a cold temperature to have with our caffe.
Risotto with Peas & Blood Sausage
Best flan ever courtesy of Padre Luis. 😉
Our late night post-dinner pasta with guanciale and onions.
Pinot Noir from Austria, just one of the 22 bottles of wine we  killed.
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