Let’s Twist again at Babitonga Cafè

I love it when places that I love, like Babitonga Cafè at Fondazione Feltrinelli, do cool things. Let’s Twist at Babitonga Cafè kicked off in January. A mixology-dedicated evening, Let’s Twist offers a look at traditional and contemporary versions of classic cocktails. If you didn’t get your fill last month (or maybe, you want a refill this month?), fret not. Let’s Twist is now a monthly occasion!

So, I adore the bejesus out of Babitonga Cafè’s cocktails. Acclaimed barman Mattia Patori crafted a clever and concise selection in collaboration with Campari. The selection comprises about a half dozen contemporary takes on classic cocktails such as the Tokyo Spritz with Aperol, wasabi, ginger and spumante and the Martini di Milano, with Bulldog Gin, Campari Bitter Reduction and saffron.

Let’s Twist celebrates a coupling of the classic and the contemporary, the old and the new–a juxtaposition found on pretty much every single street in Milan. Once a month, Pastori and his team select a classic cocktail to highlight alongside a twist on the classic itself. The inaugural libation was the Americano Insapetto (Unexpected Americano), to which Pastori added an “air” of Frangelico, a hazelnut flavored liqueur, to the traditional Vermouth and Campari. This particular cocktail is on Babitonga Cafè’s list.

Next up: The aforementioned Tokyo Spritz on Tuesday, 20 February. For 15 euro per person, you get two cocktails and some small bites like Cerignola olives, fried pizza, salted almonds, mini-mondeghili (Milanese fried meatballs).  DJ Lorenzo Fassi’s will be spinning for the evening, so eat and imbibe to the soundtrack of his set. To participate, you can drop-in or, if you’re like me, you would probably prefer to make a reservation. If so, just call: + 39

What’s next? Well, rumor has it that both gin and tonic and Moscow Mule are in the pipeline for the future.

Fondazione Feltrinelli (Viale Pasubio, 5; +39 02 495 8341; Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm; website)
Babitonga Cafè (ground floor of Fondazione Feltrinelli; Open seven days: 8am – 11pm)

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