Introducing The Milanophiles Podcast

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Big news: I’ve officially joined the podcasting realm–meet The Milanophiles podcast! I like to think I’m the biggest champion for my adopted city and its environs that you’ll ever meet, and I’m frankly tired of how the city is overlooked and misrepresented. Most people have their own preconceived ideas of Italy, and Milan doesn’t fit the mold.  people are quick to dismiss it without giving it a chance. And they’re wrong to do so…Milan is Italy’s best unkept secret. It’s a discreet city, one that’s not as in your face as the big cities that constantly remain in the spotlight.

It’s no secret that the city stands at the forefront of fashion and design, but it’s also home to Italy’s most electric food scene– one that merits just as much attention as some of Europe’s most celebrated food cities. So, with The Milanophiles podcast, I hope to shine a light on the city’s food, wine, and beverage culture. I’m a hardcore advocate for all things northern Italy, so with the podcast, I’m planning to veer a bit, as the Italians would say, fuori strada, or off-course, to look at some destinations that can be reached via a day or overnight trip from Milan. And I’m also hoping to look at some non-food-related aspects of the Milanese lifestyle.

The Milanophiles Podcast

I sincerely hope that if you live in Italy and you’re not already familiar with Milan or if you’re traveling to Italy and were just planning to use Malpensa as a stepping stone, you’ll reconsider and make it a point to spend some time here if only because you’re curious to hit up one (or some) of the establishments you heard about here on the Milanophiles.

Thank you to the peeps I’ve interviewed so far, those in the pipeline, everyone who has supported me in the process, and everyone who tunes in.

To listen, click here. The Milanophiles podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio.


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