Milan’s neo-trattorias

Before I moved to Italy, I used to visit Paris once a year. I’d take off a day or two and make a mini-break out of the long Thanksgiving weekend. (When you only have 10 vacation days a year, ya gotta be creative in making the most of what’s given to you!)

I know I one trip a year doesn’t exactly thrust me into the depths of the bistronomy movement, but these short glimpses let me watch it unfold gradually. Needless to say, visiting Paris often (and arriving sans jet lag!) is a perk I have yet to take for granted since I’ve moved here. So, I got to watch the bistronomy unfold a little more closely (and a little more regularly!) over the last seven years.

A similar movement started a couple of years ago in Milan and is currently underway. Young chefs and restaurateurs have implemented their experiences from abroad, both professional and personal, into a new type of trattoria, one with a bistronomic sensibility whose values are akin to the neo-bistros and brasseries of Paris.  In lieu of traditional trattoria dishes, chefs started serving innovative fare that’s on par with Michelin food though in an unfussy backdrop at accessible prices. Tasting menus, natural wines, bare tabletops, international flavors, and just good vibes all-around characterize these restaurants.

It’s been a treat to watch the movement unfold and I’m following the new openings to see how it continues to evolve. Funny, I used to work in PR so as a publicist, if, say, one of these spots was a client and I noticed the trend, I’d pitch the story idea to a writer who would be the one to tell it. As a writer, I get to propose these ideas to editors as the writer–and that makes me so happy! Anyhoo, I took a look at some of them for National Geographic Traveller UK, and you can read about them here!  For what it’s worth, I can’t wait to see what’s next.