Is breakfast in Milan the new aperitivo?

Breakfast in Milan the new aperitivo

Breakfast in Milan is changing. It’s no secret that Italians generally don’t go all out when it comes to breakfast — just a quick cappuccino on their feet possibly accompanied by a breakfast brioche. Though the first meal of the day in the Lombard capital isn’t what it used to be — the city’s breakfast culture has started to shift. Several places have opened that have rendered the first meal of the day as convivial, relaxed, and varied as the aperitivo, the classic after-work/pre-dinner drinking ritual.

I wrote about six of these places for La Cucina Italiana, and you can check out my story here. By no means is this list exhaustive when it comes to where to have breakfast in Milan. There are plenty of excellent spots, but for this article, I was eager to highlight places that are also open for lunch and an aperitivo.

This shift has been gradual, starting with the opening of Pavé in 2012. We’ve been spoiled here in Milan with all of these innovative cafes/bars/pastry shops, and I can’t wait to see what arrives here next.

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