Belated Weekend Reading: Wall Street Journal

Kicking off the day right during my former NYC life.

While e-reading the Wall Street Journal this weekend, something reminded of the one thing I miss about New York that I can’t find here: juice!!  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of lovely  juices here in Italy. I adore blood orange juice–especially when it’s freshly squeezed–and any juice made from peach and apricot, my two favorite stone fruits. But as much as I love these, they don’t measure up to the daily juice deliveries to which I grew accustomed at my last job in New York. There’s nothing quite like starting the day with Liquiteria’s The Mean Green Smoothie and following it with  Juice Press‘s Spicy Citrus, Watermelon Super Cleanser and/or  Drink Your Salad  juices as well as the divine Heaven on Earth smoothie, among many other colorful fruit and veggie liquid delights. Then there’s the BluePrint Cleanse which is on a whole ‘nother level of brilliance.

Now taking matters into my own hands to create some of these juices in Rome isn’t completely out of the question as I can find recipes online and/or purchase a juicing book. All I would need in addition is a juicer, the ingredients, and–since it’s a daunting task to undertake–one hell of a commitment. The first two are a piece of cake, but the last one, not so much. Not sure if you’re familiar with what the art of juicing entails, but it’s messy and nasty, and I honestly just don’t have the tedious clean-up in me.  There is, however, one easy item to replicate: Juice Press’s Aloe Water. All I had to do was purchase some aloe that I mix with some acqua naturale, and voila: aloe water! It’s great for the skin! But that’s about all I got in me.

So, back to the Wall Street Journal. There’s a great piece that ran in this weekend’s Off Duty section about juicing, complete with some recipes that rekindled my inner-pining for juice.  I will definitely be fitting in a three-day juice cleanse when I’m home for the holidays in December and January. So, I thought I’d share the story for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Happy Monday!

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