Yet another “last” lunch

Last Lunch Lake Como

Yes, we’re on the brink of another lockdown. As with the other three, I had a “last lunch” before the restaurants closed.

My first “last lunch” was at Ratanà, one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Milan, on March 5 — unknowingly of course as we had no idea what was ahead of us. The second (unknowingly again), was at Tipografia Alimentere on November 1.

My third was just before the pre-Christmas regulations went into place on December 18. The fourth one, which I truly hope was indeed my last “last lunch,” was on February 28 at Osteria Vecchia Molo in Laglio, a town along Lake Como (made famous by the George Clooney).

I reflected upon the meal for La Cucina Italiana — you can check it out here.  My dear readers, please stay safe and healthy! We’ve still got a long road ahead of us.

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