My New Soundtrack

I took this shot in Siena last year and thought it was fitting because of the Giorgia ad.

To keep with the effort of immersing Italian into the areas of my life over which I still have some semblance of control, I have decided to remove all the English songs–including Madonna (gasp!)–from my iPhone in favor of Italian ones. Yes, I really did it, and now I have solo musica italiana to choose from if I’m in the mood for some tunes when I’m on the go.

Thought I would share some selections from the soon-to-be new soundtrack of my life so here they are, in no particular order. If anyone has any suggestions for what I should add, I’m totally open to them so let me know.

  • La FelicitaSimona Milonari featuring Peter Cincotti (Believe it or not, I once interned at a PR firm that repped him. He’s American.)
  • Eri BellissimaLigabue
  • Gocce di MemoriaGiorgia
  • Tu Mi Porti Su – Giorgia
  • Il Mio Giorno Migliore – Giorgia (Yes, there’s a pattern here.)
  • FangoJovanotti featuring Ben Harper
  • Ora – Jovanotti
  • BenvenutoLaura Pausini 
  • E Se PoiMalika Ayane
  • La Differenza Tra Me e TeTiziano Ferro
  • Malinconico a MetaModa
  • La Notte – Moda
  • Vittima – Moda
  • Sono Gia Solo – Moda (Yes, another pattern.)
  • Ma Che Freddo FaThe Nada Trio
  • Le Donna Lo Sanno – Jo Squillo (Ligabue’s version is not available on US iTunes.)

I really love In Cerca di Te, another duet by Simona Molinari & Peter Cincotti as well as Amami by Emma but  yet again, neither are available on US tunes. (Yes, I still use American iTunes. It’s easier for now.)



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