Marrons glacés for the holidays

Marron glacees Christmas in Milan

I love the holidays for countless reasons, one of which is the dolci. Of course, panettone and pandoro fall under this umbrella, and but there’s another seasonal confection I adore: marrons glacés. They’re pretty much glazed candied chestnuts and they’re delightful, with both French and northern Italian origins culinary traditions between the two countries overlapping.

So, for the holidays, Iginio Massari, one of Italy’s most esteemed pastry chefs, has collaborated with Piedmont-based Agrimontana to release limited-edition marron glacés box sets, and they can be shipped across the European Union (not the US, sorry stateside readers!). The pastry maestro was one of the azienda‘s first clients when it opened in 1972, and he’s remained a loyal customer ever since.  Last year, they released Selezione Iginio Massari Marrons Glacés, and they were so successful that they offered them again this year along with Selezione Iginio Massari syrup-soaked Amarena cherries

I firmly believe no holiday table—or, rather, no December table—is complete without marrons glacés, and these lovely beauties are particularly special. If you’re EU-based, visit here to order them.

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