Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

Not to sound like a brat, but I’ve had the privilege of dining at the “World’s Best Restaurant” on three different occasions at three different locations.  First was Noma in Copenhagen in 2015, second was Osteria Francescana in Modena in 2016 and this January at Eleven Madison Park in New York, the current holder of the coveted title.

So, it seems like every couple of years there is a new winter weather buzz word that meteorologists love to throw around. My first Christmas visit home in 2013, the buzz word was “polar vortex”, and this “phenomenon” occurred pretty much every subsequent winter. But this year, something else occurred: a Bombogenesis. It means bomb cyclone, and I Googled the crap out of it and I still can’t fully grasp what it is, but the New York City streets on 4 January 2018 were a testament to the severity of the havoc that a bombogenesis can wreak. By the way, bombogenesis was my word of the day that day and I used it many, many, many times, very often out of context. Anyhoo, I digress.

Now, I know I’m biased because I used to work at NoMad, but every single person on this team is bloody brilliant. The evening was filled with love on so many levels, from the kindness we received from both the many familiar faces and some lovely humans I met for the first time to the exquisitely executed food to the all-around ambiance. From the moment I walked through the door, it was pure bliss…a bliss further enhanced once we started eating. I left on cloud nine and I can’t wait to go back!

The menu was a mix of both fixed and chosen dishes, and I posted my pics below. There’s only one course that’s missing, the Pretzel with New York cheddar cheese, mustard and beer just because my picture didn’t come out very well at all. I did make a boomerang video, but it’s too dark.


Eleven Madison Park savory black and white cookies
Savory black and white cookies with apple and cheddar
Eleven Madison Park scallops
Scallops with sea urchin, apple, butter and broth
Eleven Madison Park cheesecake
Cauliflower cheesecake with an everything bagel crust topped with sturgeon and finished with a dallop of caviar
Eleven Madison Park Littleneck clams
Littleneck clams marinated with fennel and Meyer lemon
Eleven Madison Park tilefish
Tilefish with parsnip and pike roe
Eleven Madison Park Roasted Pumpkin
Roasted pumpkin with seaweed and bacon
Eleven Madison Park duck
Duck glazed with honey, lavender and apple
Eleven Madison Park apple dessert
Apple cider doughnut with cinnamon ice cream
Eleven Madison Park chocolate covered pretzel
Chocolate-covered pretzel
Eleven Madison Park kitchen snack
A bite in the kitchen!
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