A day in Delhi with Musement

A Day in Delhi
The Red Fort, a veritable emblem of Delhi

I’m just back from India and it was glorious! I honestly can’t wait to return and discover more of this magical country.  

So, I did a fantastic tour of India’s Golden Triangle with Intrepid Travel (more on that coming soon) that both began and ended in Delhi, an extraordinary pulsating city with a history that spans more than 2000 years. I tacked on an extra day there both at the start and end of my tour, but I wasn’t even sure where to start when it came to figuring out what to see and do.

So, of course, I turned to the ever reliable Musement and came across this private customized Delhi sightseeing tour whereby the driver and guide pick you up at the hotel, then take you out for the day. The itinerary is completely up to you!  I just handed over my Delhi itinerary and asked the guide to bring me anywhere that wasn’t on there.

The tour private offered an excellent introduction to this bustling city.  The guide and driver took care of everything, so all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. We rode a rickshaw through the Old Town’s famous Wedding Street and the other narrow pathways like the colorful Naughara Jain Mandir, the “street of the nine houses”, that looks like it was pulled right out of a storybook. The spectacular glass murals at the Naughara Jain Temple, which is nestled into the end of this street, was one of the most heartwarmingly beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I went inside Humayun’s Tomb, a captivating UNESCO World Heritage site known for its majestic Moghul architecture that is said to have inspired the iconic Taj Mahal.  I fell in love with the zesty Old Spice Market, where I picked up some saffron and teas and enjoyed an amazing view of the bustling life below from the top. I got to see elaborate carpets and tapestries made from fine Kashmir wool. I hopped out in front of India Gate to take a pic then we drove past the majestic Presidential Palace. Due to the forthcoming elections, no one was allowed to get out in front and snap away.

The tour includes lunch, but entry fees to any sites, when applicable, are not included. Also, don’t forget to tip your guide and driver!  One piece of advice: It’s no secret that kickbacks are part of the travel business and it’s likely that any place the guide brings you to that involves shopping, he or she gets a percentage of your sale. If you’re not out for the day to shop, just make sure that’s clear to your guide from the outset…just so you can avoid any situations where you have to be the “bad guy” and walk away empty handed.

Photos from my first day in Delhi below:

A day in Delhi Old Spice Market
On top of the Old Spice Market
A Day in Delhi Naughara
Me in front of one of the colorful nine houses
A Day in Delhi rickshaw ride
Rickshaw ride!
A Day in Delhi Mosque
The Jama Masjid mosque
A day in Delhi Wedding Street
Some of the colorful wares on Wedding Street.
A Day in Delhi India Gate
Me in front of India Gate
A Day in Delhi Gandhi
Raj ghat, where Gandhi was cremated
The Old Spice Market Afgan store
Spices at the Afghan Store
A day in Delhi Old Spice Market buildings
The Old Spice Market from a different angle
A Day in Delhi Humayun's Tomb
Humayun’s Tomb








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