Courtyards of Milan

Courtyards of Milan 1 - Romesick and Loving It

One of Milan’s most endearing qualities is that it’s not as “in-your-face” as its so-called grander Italian sister cities like Rome, Venice and Florence. You have to “live” Milan to become best acquainted with the city. And by this, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to reside here to know it and love it, it’s possible to visit here like you live here…I did that plenty of times myself before I had moved!

Someone I had met recently described Milan as the “city of closed doors and beautiful interior courtyards,” and that pretty much hits the nail right on the head as a fitting figurative and literal metaphor for the city.  Occasionally, these large, wooden, arched doors–sometimes as high as two or three stories–are wide open offering a peak their charming interiors to us passers-by who don’t have courtyards of our own at which we may ogle. Each courtyard I glimpse tugs ridiculously hard on my heartstrings, so I thought that today I’d share some shots of these quintessential Milanese vistas that I have recently posted on Instagram.


Courtyards of Milan 2 - Romesick and Loving It

Courtyards of Milan 4 - Romesick and Loving It


Courtyards of Milan 7 - Romesick and Loving It

Courtyards of Milan 8 - Romesick and Loving It

Courtyards of Milan 9 - Romesick and Loving It

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