Books I have read this year

Books I have read this year 2016
Sometimes I wish I could be a professional reader.

So, something exciting has happened…I was able to stay true to my personal 2016 promise to myself to read more. Once I started counting, I couldn’t believe all the books I had read this year. I love to read and sometimes, I wish I could be a professional reader and just read all day, as I just can’t bring myself to accept that I’ll probably never read all the books I want to read in this lifetime.

Maybe one day I could become an author too – they say everybody’s got a book in them. But, as I’m more of a reader than a writer and have little experience of the publishing process, I’ll need to read all I can about things like book editing and the ways that I can take my book from being simply a concept to a polished product ready for publishing.

Anyhoo, now that I’m a full-time worker, I can thank my daily subway commute for allowing me to devour books at a pace faster than I have in years. It’s like having a new PB!

Though I do appreciate how people use the New Year to change themselves, I’m generally not into the idea of New Year’s resolutions as I think changes we want to make for the better can be made any time of year and waiting for the New Year to make a change can be a procrastination of sorts. That being said, when 2016 came around, promised myself that if I make once change this year, it would be to read more and I set a target of one book per month…which I surpassed! Here’s a list of books I have read this year. I realize some of them were must-reads a few years back so I know I’m late to the game, but they had been on my Kindle forever.

I know I need be reading more Italian books and I will, but at the moment, I’m more about the Italian magazines.

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