The Best Panettone in Milan, Artisan-Style

Best Panettone in Milan

Panettone, Milan’s emblematic leavened delight, is synonymous with Christmastime. Nowadays, though, it’s not unusual to find it on offer year-round. In fact, the panettone tutto l’anno slogan that went into effect a few years back hasn’t lost momentum. But anyway, I digress. So, in honor of Natale, here’s a look at some of the best spots to nab some artisan-style (aka good!) panettone in Milan this holiday season–in no particular order of course.

1. Olivieri 1882 Pop-up at Rinascente

The Vicenza-based Oliveri 1882 opened a Milan pop-up on December 6th, offering the traditional and alternative versions of its award-winning panettone. I always get a traditional along with the salted caramel with apricot. Indeed, I picked up the latter in Eataly two weeks ago, and it was gone in two days so this year, the white chocolate and berries will be coming back to the U.S. with me as will the special edition white chocolate, candied olives, and rosemary version, a collaboration with Lorenzo Cogo, Italy’s youngest Michelin-starred chef. This is all in addition to the said traditional and pandoro of course! Piazza del Duomo, 7th floor, website, ships worldwide 

Best panettone in Milan Olivieri 1882
Olivieri 1882’s classic panettone, photo: Olivieri 1882

2. Pavé

Luca Scanni, Giovanni Giberti, and Diego Bamberghi’s beloved contemporary bakery churns out some of Milan’s best breakfast treats along with some of the city’s finest panettone. Starting at 38€ for 1 kilo, Pavé’s panettone flavors include traditional; chocolate fondant; pistachio, raspberry, and white chocolate; four chocolate; and coffee and chocolate. The panettone per due 19 € is a jar-leavened vacuum-packed option for two (or one who never turns down a second helping). Via Felice Casati, 27; +39 02 3790 5491; website, ships to Europe

Best panettone in Milan Pave
Pavé’s classic panettone; photo: Pavé

3. Marchesi 1824

This classic pastry shop has been satisfying the Milanesi’s sweet tooths since 1824, and its panettone is just as beloved as the institution itself. Prices start at 42€ for 1 kilo for the traditional. Also available are chocolate and one sans the candied fruit. You can also get a traditional encased in plush velvet packaging for 445€. If you pop in, don’t forget to pick up some ginevrine while you’re there—jelly-bean-sized, flat oval-shaped flavored candies. Various locations, website 

Best panettone in Milan Pasticceria Marchesi 1824
Marchesi 1824’s velvet-packaged classic panettone, photo: Pasticceria Marchesi 1824

4. Pasticceria e Dessert

Speaking of ginevrine–Marcello Rapisardi’s at Pasticceria e Dessert shouldn’t be missed. They come in a colorful myriad of classic and playful flavors, Campari being one of the latter. Nor shoud the equally whimsical array of gelée. Or the carbonara-filled chocolate. Okay, I’m digressing. So, Rapisardi approaches panettone in the same manner, proferring up one of the city’s top traditional preparations as well as alternative versions in chocolate; date and walnut; fig and chocolate; and marron glacé. Prices start at 28€. Piazzale Bacone, 12; +39 02 8421 5008; website

Best panettone in Milan Pasticceria e Dessert
Marcello Rapisardi’s date and walnut panettone at Pasticceria e Dessert, photo: Pasticceria e Dessert

5. Crosta

Since its 2018 opening, Simone Lombardi and Giovanni Mineo’s Crosta is one of Milan’s most esteemed destinations for pizza and all things baked and leavened. Stop in for lunch, dinner for pizza tondo, or all day long for a snack, something to go, or just to kick back with a coffee. The excellent traditional panettone goes for 35€ for 1 kilo. Via Felice Bellotti, 13; +39 02 3824 8570; website

6. Tone

At Giovanni Marabese’s Georgian and Nordic-inspired bakery, baker Marco Bianchi draws influences from around the world to offer a selection of excellent leavened, sweet, and savory delights. Indeed the panettone is undeniably Italian, and it’s available in traditional; without candida; date and chocolate; and lemon citron with chamomile. Via Donatello, 22; + 39 351 873 1109; website

7. Pasticceria Besuschio

So, Pasticceria Besuschio is outside of Milan in the town of Abbiategrasso. If you have the schlep in you, catch the train at Porta Genova to arrive at one of Italy’s top bakeries. In addition to the traditional (starts at 30€ euro for .75 kilo), Andrea Besuschio, the third-generation to run the show, also prepares fior di gianduja, moscato, and the Straciock, his son Giacomo’s creation that incorporates cacao and Piemontese hazelnut flour. website

Best panettone in Milan Pasticceria Besuschio Abbiategrasso
Pasticceria Besuschio’s traditional panettone; photo: Pasticceria Besuschio

9. Peck

The Milanese mecca for food pilgrims sells traditional panettone year-round, and it’s often cut up and placed in a sample basket. In addition to the traditional there’s amarena cherry, lemon, and almond; pear and chocolate; orange, pineapple, and ginger; pistachio, coffee, and white chocolate. Every year, pastry chef Chef Galileo Reposo releases a limited edition flavor, and 2022’s is marron glacé with chocolate. Pricing starts at 36€. Three locations: via Spadari 9; Peck CityLife in Piazza Tre Torri; and Peck Porta Venezia on via Salvini 3; website

Best panettone in Milan Peck
Chocolate and marron glacé panettone from Peck, photo: Peck

10. Pasticceria Cucchi

This caffé-concerto-turned-bar/pastry-shop has been going strong since 1936, and it remains one of the finest institutions in town–it also happens to be one of the panettone-year-round backdrops. For the holidays, Cucchi collaborates with a fashion house that designs special edition packaging, and this year’s partner is MSGM.  The 1-kilo classic panettone goes for €40–and sells out quickly (if it hasn’t already!). Corso Genova, 1; +39 02 8940 9793; website

Best panettone in Milan Pasticceria Cucchi
Traditional panettone at Pasticceria Cucchi, which is available year-round; photo: Pasticceria Cucchi

11. Pop-up at Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Stefano Trovisi, the executive pastry chef at Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, has crafted a selection of holiday delights available at the hotel’s holiday pop-up shop. In addition to the traditional panettone, there’s the Anima del Sud (Soul of the South) made with apricots from Vesuvius and chocolate. They cost 48€ and 50€ respectively. Shout-out to the exquisite-looking edible chocolate tree (50€) “adorned” with pistachios, hazelnuts, and other goods. If I were spending Christmas here, I’d get one–I don’t think it will hold up on my flight to New York. Piazza Duca d’Aosta, 9; +39 02 67851; website

Best panettone in Milan Excelsior Hotel Gallia
Panettone “Anima del Sud”; photo: Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel

12. Panificio Davide Longoni

One of the city’s most esteemed bakers, Davide Longoni’s traditional panettone (40€) is one of the most thoughtfully composed, containing candied fruit from Jam Session, an initiative launched by Longoni, Marco Colzaino in Brianza, and Forno Brisa in Bologna.  The bakers collect leftover fruit from the staff to turn into jam. Also, the oranges for the candied fruit are harvested in an ecologically friendly manner by SOS Rosarno, a Calabrian association that fights illegal hiring.  This year, Longoni has partnered with homeware manufacturer Fornasetti to create an exclusive special edition Milan-centric panettone (150€) that couples the classic ingredients with saffron pistols (the spice that gives risotto alla Milanese its gold color and distinct flavor). Longoni, too, also makes panettone year-round!Via Gerolamo Tiraboschi, 19; + 39 375 585 0656; website

Best panettone in Milan Davide Longoni
Panettone from Panificio Davide Longoni; photo: Carlotta Vigo

13. Daniel

Daniel Canzian serves some of the finest contemporary riffs on Milanese cuisine at his namesake restaurant. Since 2019, the chef has collaborated with Albertengo, a Cuneo-based panettone producer, for a Christmas panettone called “Mio.” It can be purchased online or at the restaurant–or even enjoyed by the slice for dessert if dining at the restaurant. Via Castelfidardo angolo via San Marco, 20121; +39 02 6379 3837; website

14. Le Polveri

Everything at Aurora Zancarano’s charming micro-panificio is a delight, and the panettone is no exception. Pricing starts at 21€ for 500 grams, and you can buy one online or pick it up in person. I recommend the latter so you  can Via Ausonio, 7; website

15. Exit Gastronomia Urbana

At Matias Perdomo’s gastronomia/restaurant not too far from the Duomo, guests can purchase a panettone (starting at 19€ for 500 grams) from the Parma-based Caccio Lab. Anyone dining there during the holiday season can order it by the slice for dessert there as well as at the nearby Exit Pastificio Urbana. Perdomo and his team are also highlighting other products this holiday season, and they’ll even customize a gift basket if desired. Piazza Erculea, 2; +39 02 3599 9080; website

16. Il Laboratorio di Niko Romito

The three-star Michelin-rated Abruzzese chef recently opened this boutique specializing in all things leavened and homemade in Milan, and panettone is on offer. The 1.5-kilo limited edition traditional panettone is packaged in a red velvet box and costs 150€. Otherwise, the 1-kilo chocolate and traditional versions go for 55€ each. Via Solferino 12; website

Best panettone in Milan Laboratorio_Niko_Romito
Niko Romito’s limited edition panettone, photo: Andrea Straccini

17. I Dolci Namura

Daniele Torresani’s classic panettone, available at this beloved family-run pastry shop, is fluffy and flavorful–everything a classic panettone should be. He also prepares chocolate and marron glacé versions as well as vegan version. The latter, which he debuted in 2014, contains olive oil, einkorn, and type 1 flour. Via Castelvetro, 16; +39 02 3453 4176; website

18. Iyo

One of Milan’s most epic restaurants, Iyo is the first Japanese (and non-Italian) restaurant in Italy to receive a Michelin star. The team is offering a panettone filled with gianduia and a Japanese twist: candied yuzu. 45€ for 750 grams. Via Piero della Francesca, 74; +39 02 4547 6898; website

Best panettone in Milan IYO
Iyo’s panettone with candied yuzu and gianduia, photo: Iyo

19. Pasticceria San Gregorio

Sixty-five years young, Pasticceria San Gregorio makes excellent panettone and is perhaps best known for letting the freshly baked domes dangle upside down from metal rods installed along the ceiling. Traditional panettone starts at 19€ for 500 grams and also comes in 1-,2-, and 5-kilo options. They also make gluten-free and three-chocolate versions as well as 100-gram panettoncino. Via S. Gregorio, 1; +39 02 2952 4182; website

20. Pasticceria Martesana

Vincenzo Santoro founded this bakery in 1966. Today, he counts two additional locations (Chinatown and Sant’Agostino) as well as an eponymous pastry shop at Mercato Milano Centrale. His esteemed panettone (42€ for 1 kilo) is made from a lievito madre that’s over 50 years old. Multiple locations; website

21. Pasticceria Clivati

This bakery near Porta Genova has been charming the Milanese since 1969. Over the holidays, guests can choose from traditional panettone, three chocolate, marron glacé, or vermouth and ginger. They also sell panettone year-round in portions from 100 g to 5 kg, Pricing starts at 35€. Viale Coni Zugna, 5; +39 02 832 2591; website

22. Iginio Massari

The Brescia-based chef opened a Milan outpost of his namesake pastry shop in 2018 and currently has a pop-up inside Central Station. He’s one of Italy’s most famous panettone makers, and his loyal clients order their panettone months in advance. In fact, Roy Shvartzapel, who runs From Roy mail-order panettone in the US out of California, learned from him. The 1-kilo classic is available on his website for 43€, while the 500 grams and 2- and 3-kilo options are sold out. Customers can pick from panettone al cacao e cioccolato and a 500-gram lactose-free version. Via Guglielmo Marconi, Piazza Armando Diaz, 4; +39 02 4969 6962 website


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