Amaretti baking class

Amaretti cookies baking class Piedmont Voltaggio
Making amaretti cookies with Luca and Gian Carrosio at Panifcio Carrosio in Voltaggio

The problem with Italian amaretti cookies is that their popularity means mass production. So if you’ve only ever tasted a rock hard pre-packaged, assembly-line produced version of this confection, you might be a little less than impressed. However, once you’ve tasted a properly prepared Amaretto cookie—crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and exploding with that sweet almond flavor–, there’s no turning back.

These sweet “little bitters” are made with sweet and bitter almonds, sugar and egg whites. That’s it. Simple, yes, but there are lots of tricks to the amaretti-cookie-making-trade that go into making one of Italy’s most popular biscotti as perfect as possible.

I’ve said before how much I love venturing out to explore Piedmont, and I recently visited Panificio Carrosio in Voltaggio, a tiny hilltop town not too far from Gavi. The Carrosio family has made some of Italys best amaretti since 1898. Working at Musement does indeed have it perks, one of which was having the opportunity to visit this panificio, meet the family and learn amaretti making from the third and fourth generation: Gian and his son and daughter, Luca and Giovanna. It wasMaking amaretti cookies at Panificio Carrosio was one of the most heartwarming experiences I have had since I moved here, and if you want to read about it,head on over to Musement’s blog to check it out.

Amaretti cookies baking class Piedmont Voltaggio

I learned the hard way that my fingers are troppo lunghe and troppo sottili (too long and too thin) to shape them effectively, but that didn’t stop me from having tons of fun along the way. (For once, it was refreshing not to blame my abysmal fine motor skills for poor performance.) Plus, I got to take the fruits of my labor home with me (which I subsequently brought to the office to share with some colleagues).

If you’re interested, you can book the amoretti cookie making class for yourself here.

Note: Amaretti cookies are not to be confused with amaretto liqueur!

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