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I love shoes, but I hate shopping for them. Why? Because I hate my feet. They’re big, slightly on the wide side and since my right foot is just a tad smaller than my left, it’s challenging to find a pair that fits perfectly. Plus–to add insult to injury–shoe stores never seem to have my size. During the last few years I have made a habit of buying my shoes solely online or at a help-yourself kind of place such as DSW because you know size availability right off the bat.  There’s none of that back and forth nonsense with the salesperson that starts with, “Let me check for your size” and continues with, “We don’t have that shoe in your size but we do have these shoes in your size.” The shoes don’t tickle your fancy at all but you try them on anyway to humor the sales person, ultimately rendering the experience an exercise in futility.

Due to my aforementioned cobblestone encounters, new shoes were in order and I figured why not take advantage of the July summer sales? I was dreading shoe shopping, but I figured why not just get it over with since it was ultimately inevitable.

A friend suggested the Camper route would be a wise way to go, so after perusing the website I went to the store on Via del Corso with the expectation of a long & arduous try-on process. I had noticed a few shoes that I liked online but shrugged and thought they probably won’t have them in stock and if they do, they certainly won’t have my size.  Well to make a long story short, I wound up with three new pairs, two of which I had admired online. I couldn’t believe it. I have never had a shoe shopping excursion unfold that easily.

Also in need of sneakers with decent walking support, I went to the Nike Town store  (conveniently located on Via del Corso as well) and found a cute pair that were 50% off. Again I thought, we’re three weeks into July now. There’s no way they’re going to have my size and color preference. But lo & behold, I was wrong again….they did! Summer shoes, check. Next up: a bicycle–secondhand of course because there’s a really good chance that it will eventually get stolen–but I promised my mom I would get catastrophic insurance first.

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