Spring in Milan

Spring in Milan Jaclyn DeGiorgio A Signorina in Milan

I love spring in Milan for several reasons, among which fava beans, poppies, peonies, Game of Thrones, stone fruit and faster laundry drying time rank high. I know most of these apply to anywhere in the world, however spring in Milan, though particularly special, can also be a bit stressful.

When la primavera first arrives, the weather goes from temperamental to seasonally appropriate and just when the perfect warm streak hits and you think spring is here to stay, it gets cold again. This happens multiple times with each subsequent return of the cold a little less chilly than its predecessor.

Just like I can’t wait for it to get cold and stay cold during the transition from late autumn to winter, I can’t wait for it to get hot and stay hot during late spring/early summer. Yes, anyone who knows me knows how much I hate the cold, but let me explain my reasoning.

The thing about spring in Milan is that the day starts and ends cool, but heats up in between. Layers, though they add bulk, are the best option, and now that I’m a full time working signorina, my morning layering decisions take up way more time than I ever thought imaginable.

A coat or jacket certainly suffices when it comes to subsiding the morning chill, however, if I wear my coat mid-day, I sweat profusely so that’s usually when my cardigan comes into play.  Yet if I don’t have a coat or jacket once evening rolls around, I’m screwed because I’m cold. That’s why I’m ready for it to get hot and stay hot as it will make my pre-work morning routine a little more smooth (until the fall comes around) and my attire a little less weighty.

Though something tells me my that my metro commute will grow increasingly more uncomfortable with each escalating centigrade for reasons I won’t get into.

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