Running in Elba

I wish I could run against this backdrop everyday. Sigh.
I wish I could run against this backdrop everyday. Sigh.

It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t mind spending every summer–either partly or entirely–on Isola di Elba for the rest of my life. I’m partaking in the perfect work-life balance: taking care of business while enjoying the beach, quality reading time and the surroundings of a splendidly unspoiled paradise. And, I can run here!

If you’ve visited Elba or are familiar with the island in some shape or form, you’ll know that it’s quite hilly and I honestly felt a little apprehensive about lacing up and hitting the rolling pavement, but I of course wasn’t going to let a little trepidation get the best of me and thus prevent me from getting my marathon training on. I’m running with the charity Fred’s Team to raise $3,500 for pediatric cancer research so disrupting my training in any way is not only a personal letdown, but one for Fred’s Team as well. And speaking of Fred’s Team, if you’re at all interested in making a donation, you can do so here on my fundraising page. Again, no amount is too small!

I have learned the non-hard way that running in Elba is not bad. I’m staying in the charming little hilltop town of Capoliveri. After heading out of the center and trekking a bit uphill, I found a lovely, quiet road etched into the mountain. Paved at first, the road then transitions to dirt as it snakes its way around the hillside, and is an ideal running locale except when the occasional car passes leaving behind a dirt cloud so turbid, that I have to shield my eyes to protect the darn contact lenses that shroud them.  But other than that, the road is  long, windy and only partially inclined at certain points…it’s just, in a word, dreamy.  Along the way, I smiled at and exchanged several buongiornos with fellow runners, pedestrians, bikers and dog walkers. The sky was a little overcast, but I honestly don’t mind running in the shade.  There’s nothing quite like inhaling the saltwater air while running against the wind along the panoramic backdrop of the sparkling azure Mediterranean sea. All to the soundtrack of Eminem, Madonna,  Flo-Rida, Britney Spears and Jay-Z. Yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab, holla back

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