Live Wine Milano 2018

So, just before I made the move from Rome to Milan four years ago, I attended the first ever Vini di Vignaioli Milan. Located at our dear Cascina Cuccagna, the event showcased natural wines from approximately 50 Italian winemakers. We drank well, but if I remember one thing, it was the crowd. A good thing for the organizers of course as the turnout marked the event a success. However, it was hard for us attendees to move around!LIVE WINE 2018 4

Along came 2015 and Vini di Vignaioli not only changed its name to Live Wine, but the tasting event moved. Palazzo del Ghiaccio, a much larger venue, has hosted the event for each subsequent year since.

For reasons beyond my control, I couldn’t make it to previous years, but I did manage to check attend this year’s edition which took place from 3 to 5 March at Palazzo del Ghiaccio.

Firstly,  how impressive! This year, there were approximately 900 wines to taste from 160 winemakers, 25% of whom were foreign hailing from Austria, Slovenia, France and Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic.

A couple of my favorites were the wines by Il Torchio in Liguria. As you might already know, I love anything and everything Liguria, so I made sure to sample their Vermentino and I know the year will bring me several trips to Liguria. Perhaps I can pop by their cantina when I’m down in that neck of the Italian wood? Live Wine 2018 2

Thanks to the Fuoco Festival and a weekend getaway to Palermo, I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Sicily last year. Etna and Catania are on my 2018 bucket list, so I was drawn to Etnella, intriguing natural wines made by the charismatic Davide Bentivegna.  I’m hoping to see get the chance to sample his wines again this year directly at the source.  

Lastly, having lived for Rome in a year and have friends who are huge advocates of Lazio wines. Therefore, I had to stop the Andrea Occhipinti stand to try his offerings, one of which was aged in amphora. Live Wine 2018 3

There were artisan gourmet bites to sample, including eats from Mangiare di Strada, while esteemed wine industry professionals led discussions. Plus, a selection of off-site evening events rounded out all the fun.  Here’s to next year! 

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