Cinema Italiano: Song’e Napule

Photo from Yahoo Cinema

Last summer, I waxed poetic about The Great Beauty and rightfully so, as director Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar victory affirmed my fondness for the film which I saw in theaters twice. And though I’m over it by now, I’m still not happy that the Academy overlooked Toni Servillo for a nomination in the lead actor slot, but that’s Hollywood.  If you haven’t seen The Great Beauty, it’s now available on DVD so please amend this immediately by moving it to the top of your Netflix queue.

So, this summer, I saw a movie that I loved as much as The Great Beauty. Now do know, it’s not the next Great Beauty nor is it trying to be. The plot is much more light-hearted, but incredibly heart-warming and I enjoyed it just as much as The Great Beauty even though the film lacked The Great Beauty’s depth.

The film: Song’e Napule, written and directed by the Manetti Brothers. Now I applaud the incredible acting and I love how much I laughed, but what resonates the most with me was the thought that went into the costumes. The costume designer, who according to IMDB is Daniela Salernitano, left no stone unturned, and her wardrobe choices ultimately enhanced the roles. Now, I’m usually not a fan of any sort of gigantic music note accessory or embellishment–necklace, earrings, pins, etc., you name it. They’re just not my thing. At all.  But I must say that after watching this film, I have never seen music note jewelry look so good. Ever. It was all so wrong that it was right.

From the bride’s unflattering wedding dress to the lead character’s makeover to the ensembles of Lolo Love and his minions to the Bulgari necklace on the neck of the wife of the big shot from police HQ (he might have been a sergeant? I don’t remember), I can’t praise the attention to detail enough. Kudos! Add the scenic views of Naples, stellar cast, witty writing, catchy soundtrack, topless music-note tattooed men sporting large diamond stud earrings  in both ears and you’ve got yourself a splendid night at the cinema. Bravi tutti.

Italian trailer here; sorry…I couldn’t find it in English.

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