An Uplifting Tale


Nearly every news alert that has popped up on my iPhone within the last eight weeks has reported on something grim and/or sinister. Just when I thought I’d heard the worst of it, I hadn’t. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way so I thought I’d share a story that I hope you find as uplifting as I did.

On May  10, my friends from The Rome Digest followed up their first successful event with an equally successful second one: a gelato aperitivo at Fatamorgana, a gelateria with which I happen to be obsessed. For this particular event, all of the proceeds went to support Yogurt Barikama, founded by three gracious young men who participated in the Rosarno Revolt in Calabria. I did happen to know of this occurrence because I read this NY Times Op-Ed by Roberto Saviano (whom I adore) a few years ago.

You can read more about Yogurt Barikama here, but in short, these three gentleman make organic yogurt by night and deliver it in the morning before going to their jobs. However, they lacked a refrigerator for storage which limited their production capabilities….until recently. The Rome Digest–thanks to this event–raised the 1300 euros needed to buy them a fridge!  Woohoo!

The gelato?  I  had Black Cherry Mojito and Paradise Punch, which has red fruit flavors and some type of white and/or sparkling wine, I believe. They drizzled something delicious over it and sprinkled something, too (can’t remember, salt?), then stuck a little potato chip on top. (Pictured above.)

See some photos from the evening below:

Yogurt Barikama. Yes, I bought a jar!
Even the rain couldn’t put a damper on the evening.
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