The Metro Milano Reading Club

Metro Milano free newspaper Milan
Just one of the perpetually empty Metro Milano bins that always cross my path.

Since becoming a full-time nine-to-sixer, there’s a little club on the Milan metro every morning that I’m dying to be part of, but am unable to due solely to circumstances beyond my control.  I like to refer to this privileged group as the Metro Milano reading club.

Life in Italy is one big Italian lesson and as a learning tool, Italian newspapers are ottimoalmost as superb as Italian magazines–and I think taking care to read one or two articles a day (at least) is a smart way to continue to climb the Italian vocabulary ladder. However, buying a newspaper a day adds up and about a week-and-a-half’s worth is equivalent to the cost of a manicure. However, the nifty and thrifty Metro New York distributed on subways FOR FREE has a Milan counterpart: Metro Milano.

I thought taking the metro to work daily would mean that I can get my hands on a Metro Milano and read it on the way to work. However, finding a copy of that elusive free daily is much easier said than done, and here’s why.

To start, it’s not distributed in the station where I board. ☹ When I change trains at Zara, I pass several people with a Metro in tow, and I see even more reading it on the platform. Sadly, the newspapers are before the entry turnstiles, which I never has to use since I’m already underground.

However, something unusual has happened over the last two weeks…I managed to score a copy of Metro Milano three times in the station where I de-board for work. This can mean one of two things: I arrived just in time to get them before they’re gone or that they just started distributing them in the station. Regardless, when I see one, I take one, and use it for a little night reading. In the meantime, the Count of Monte Cristo has proven good company for my Metro-Milano-less commutes.

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