My First Month in Rome

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Well, I did it. I’m in Rome!  Finally.  It’s been just over a month and honestly, there are days I still can’t believe I’m residing in this glorious city.  I’m one lucky gal to have had heaps of guidance from some awesome ladies & gents–a few I knew prior to my departure, while others I met after my arrival–and I’m forever thankful for how they have eased this transition for me.   Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family and friends more than I could ever articulate (if it was up to me, I’d move ’em all here!) and I love them more than my life, but I do hope that I live here per sempre. I’ve never been happier.

Anyhoo, in case you’re wondering, here’s a bit on how my life has changed during the last six weeks….

  • Unless I’m dining out, I cook my dinner every single night.
  • I make my coffee–which I now buy freshly ground–in a moka pot.
  • Most mornings, I eat my breakfast–usually a cornetto con marmellata (preferably apricot!) or something sweet–standing up.
  • The civilized taxi obtaining process has done wonders for my anxiety.
  • I use olive oil from Sabina.
  • Suppli rock my world.
  • I’m enamored with Testaccio, the ‘hood that also happens to be home to my new favorite pizza place, 00100.
  • I don’t need to take any type of sleep aid (prescription or non prescription!) to fall asleep at night. I’m dead serious.
  • I drink lots of tea!
  • When I open my bedroom window, I see the photo above.
  • I get more use out my Converse All Stars than I ever could have possibly imagined due to all the cobblestone.

What hasn’t changed: I still detest the rain and the cold, and I will always walk with the purpose of a New Yorker.

Also, Juice Press & Liquiteria: not gonna lie, there is a tiny hole in my heart that remains empty without my daily juice. No chance of either of you opening an outpost in Rome, is there?


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